Peter B. Porter

This peanut butter porter makes its rounds once a year, with balanced doses of chocolate, cocoa and toasted peanut butter. Try it with some toast and jam and get yourself a real grown-up blast to the past!

Cosmic Truth

Mosaic Hopped Session Ale. A truly unique beer, this sessional brew begins with the crisp and refreshing body of a Kolsch brought to life by bold tropical fruit flavors and subtle bitterness of the Mosaic hop. The best of all worlds merge in this beer, resulting in a well-rounded, universal experience.

Loganberry Wit

We at RBC love everything local, and loganberry is about as local as you can get. This beer was brewed in a traditional Wit style with some mild banana and light fruit esters and a subtle loganberry finish. Order one and watch heads turn at the pink color!

The Surge

The beer formally known as CitMo 2.0 – This crushable New England style IPA is full of hoppy juiciness. Bright tropical fruit notes with a delicate citrus round out this hazy brew.